TV Stations in Grand Rapids, Flint, Traverse City Pull Down False DeVos Attack Ads Against Whitmer

SOUTHFIELD – Today the Whitmer for Governor campaign issued the following statement from Campaign Manager Eric Goldman commenting on news that three Sinclair TV stations in Grand Rapids, Flint, and Traverse City pulled down a false and misleading attack ad by the DeVos-backed group Priorities for Michigan.

“As Bill Schuette struggles in the polls, it’s clear that the only ammunition they have left are desperate lies and smears. We applaud Sinclair TV stations for moving quickly to take down this libelous and misleading dark money smear. We call on the remaining stations that are running this ad to fulfill their legal obligation and follow Sinclair’s lead by pulling down this false attack ad immediately.”

BACKGROUND: As MIRS News reported yesterday:

Mystery Group With GOP Ties Goes On TV With Unsourced Claim On Whitmer

The enigmatic pro-Republican entity “Priorities for Michigan” is back with a TV ad claiming Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen WHITMER wants to make Michigan a “sanctuary state,” an unreferenced claim that doesn’t match anything she’s reportedly said on the campaign trail.

The announcer in the “Priorities for Michigan” commercials warns that “thousands of migrants are moving north, demanding to cross our border.” … “Whitmer wants to declare Michigan a sanctuary state. Whitmer would take a dangerous gamble especially now,” according to the ad.

When MIRS caught up with Whitmer at a Michigan Education Association meet-and-greet, she said this when asked if she ever said she’d make Michigan a sanctuary state, “I’ve never made that statement . . . No. I’ve never said that.” …

“Priorities for Michigan” has funded a pro-Republican women’s recruiting group called a “League of Our Own,” whose “scouts” include former House Speaker Jase BOLGER, Michigan Freedom Fund head Tony DAUNT and four female Republican House members, among others connected to Republican politics.

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