New Group of ‘Veterans for Whitmer’ Forms to Help Elect Gretchen Whitmer as Michigan’s Next Governor

Group includes Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force Veterans

MICHIGAN — A new group of Michigan veterans is forming to help elect former Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer as the next Governor of Michigan over Republican Bill Schuette. As Senate Democratic Leader, Whitmer voted against the privatization of services in the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. ‘Veterans for Whitmer’ will be co-chaired by Marine Corps veteran and State Senator David Knezek, Marine Corps veteran and State Senator  Vincent Gregory, Marine Corps veteran Joe Tate, and Army veteran Kate Logan.

“Michigan veterans and their families need a governor who will fight for them,” said Sen. Knezek. “Gretchen Whitmer is the only candidate we can trust to help connect returning veterans to the housing and employment opportunities they need to thrive here in Michigan. She’ll make sure our veterans have access to quality, affordable healthcare. I’m committed to working hard every day to make sure we elect Gretchen Whitmer to the governor’s office.”

Additional members of ‘Veterans for Whitmer’ include:  Air Force Veteran Stephanie Zarb, Marine Corps veteran Jessica Bell, former Airborne Army 1st Lieutenant Scott Nichols, Navy veteran Fredric Bohm, Retired Navy Captain Richard Burn, Navy and Army veteran George “Tripp” Adams, Army veteran Eddie Lester, Army veteran Roderick Rickman, Army veteran George P. Barnes, Jr., Army veteran Adam Hollier.

“Gretchen Whitmer is the only candidate I trust to fight for Michigan Veterans and make sure nothing like the tragedy at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans happens ever again,” said Tate. “I’m proud to support Gretchen because she’ll help returning veterans get a good job that pays them well so they can support their family and retire with dignity here in Michigan. That’s the kind of leadership we need to build a better Michigan for everyone.”

“I’ve got Gretchen’s back in this election because I know she has mine,” said Sen. Gregory. “I know that when veterans like me come back from service and need a good job, a place to live, and affordable healthcare, Gretchen will help them. She’s the only candidate for governor who will work with everyone to build a Michigan where everyone can get on a path to a high wage skill so they can build a life for themselves and their families right here.”

Last month the Whitmer campaign announced a group of ‘Republicans and Independents for Whitmer,’ which included the former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Mel Larsen, former U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz (R-Battle Creek), and a number of former Snyder, Engler and Milliken cabinet officials.

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