Michigan Firefighters: Bill Schuette is Bad for Retirees

DETROIT – Today the President of the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union Mark Docherty issued the following statement commenting on Bill Schuette’s record of supporting the Retirement Tax on Michigan seniors:

“Bill Schuette can’t hide from his record of giving tax breaks to his wealthy friends at the expense of hardworking Michigan families. The tax plan Schuette supported in 2011 included the Retirement Tax, which has cost seniors who worked hard their whole lives thousands in new taxes they can’t afford. Schuette even said that plan was ‘great news for Michiganders.’ No matter how hard he tries to rewrite his record, Michigan firefighters know that Bill Schuette is bad for retirees, bad for our families, and bad for Michigan.”

Former Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer has been endorsed by the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union, the Michigan Association of Police Organizations, and the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police.