MI Nurses Association VP: “Bill Schuette is getting desperate”

LANSING – Today the Vice President of the Michigan Nurses Association, Katie Scott, RN, issued the following statement commenting on Bill Schuette’s latest campaign ad, where Schuette claims he “voted to protect patients with pre-existing conditions.”

“Bill Schuette is getting desperate as he sees Gretchen Whitmer’s commitment to better health care for all Michigan residents hitting home with more and more voters,” said Scott. “Bill Schuette claiming he will create better health insurance is like Betsy DeVos saying she’ll create better public schools. Voters are smart enough to know when someone in power is looking out for the wealthy and not the rest of us. Nurses across the state want Bill Schuette to quit trying to bury his lawsuits to kill coverage of pre-existing conditions and the Medicaid expansion that millions of Michigan patients – and our own families – rely on every day.”

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