The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis attacking our communities is a tragedy and a disease. Overdose deaths in Michigan from opioid abuse jumped 54% in just one year from 2015 to 2016. We cannot blame the victims of this disease. We must put aside partisan differences to confront this crisis head on.

In Michigan, we must take action immediately to:

  • Expand treatment and recovery services. that help our family members and neighbors who are suffering from addiction. I will bring together community partners, medical professionals, state leaders, the federal government, and health providers to increase inpatient treatment services.

  • Partner with law enforcement and pharmacies to continue building on and expanding permanent drug take-back programs to dispose of unneeded controlled substances.

  • Invest in treatment courts to ensure access to the resources we need to treat addiction, including diversion and alternative sentencing. As Ingham County Prosecutor, I established policies to make sure that people with addictions could get connected to treatment, instead of going to jail. As Governor, I will continue to fund and support treatment courts.

  • Hold physicians and drug companies accountable because Michigan has more annual opioid prescriptions than people, and we cannot allow pharmaceutical companies to continue perpetuating the crisis with immunity.