Get it Done: Rebuild Michigan

To get ahead, Michiganders need one good job and we need to be able to get to that job. But our roads are so bad they cost the average driver more than $540 a year, and none of that fixes a single pothole. We know that we’re not helpless because Michigan gets the same weather as our neighbors do.

More than 70 communities have drinking water systems with higher lead levels than Flint and billions of gallons of sewage currently contaminate our waterways. It’s time to fix it, and fix it right.

To grow our economy and make Michigan a state that businesses move to and can grow in, we must invest in our roads, bridges, water systems, broadband, and electrical grid. Good roads are good for Michigan families and businesses and infrastructure investment is economic development. We can attract the jobs of the future and help businesses grow right here in Michigan.

Now let’s get to work.


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My plan would:


[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] Fix it and fix it right. Upgrade Michigan’s roads, bridges, and water systems

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] Invest in good infrastructure because it’s good for business

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] Make a bold investment in the Rebuild Michigan Bank, a state infrastructure bank that will pay for high quality upgrades and create thousands of good jobs

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] A strategic plan to dig less and build smarter

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] Make commutes safer and faster

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] Ensure clean safe water

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] Build a new Soo Lock

[bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] Connect more Michiganders to high-speed broadband Internet


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