Repeal The Retirement Tax

After a lifetime of hard work, we must honor the promises made to our seniors so that they can retire in dignity in the state that they love. But right now working families and seniors are paying higher taxes under Governor Snyder

As governor, I will protect our seniors and retirees by:

  • Getting rid of the Snyder Retirement Tax, which will put more money in the pockets of Michigan seniors to spend on things like gas, groceries, and prescription drugs – which will help our small businesses grow and create jobs.

  • Supporting options for independence at home, which should be a reality for more seniors who deserve financial and medical peace of mind. I will stand up to attacks on senior care, and will fight to improve coordinated medical benefits so that seniors can receive the healthcare they need in the comfort of their own homes for as long as they wish.

  • Working to end elder abuse. As Senate Democratic Leader, I championed laws to create serious legal consequences for elder abuse, and attempts to exploit, neglect, intimidate, harm, or steal from our seniors. As Governor, I will continue to honor, defend, and respect our seniors and their rights.