See where Gretchen stands

“Michigan needs a governor who can get things done that will actually make a difference in people’s lives right now.”

Gretchen Whitmer

Fix the Damn Roads

Michigan deserves a governor who will fix the problem and knows how to bring people together to get it done.

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Make Health Care More Affordable

Everyone in Michigan has a right to quality health care they can afford, and that means expanding coverage and lowering costs.

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Clean Up Our Drinking Water

Water is the lifeblood of our state. Every Michigander deserves the opportunity to be successful, starting with their health.

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Holding Government Accountable

Michigan’s next governor needs to be laser focused on getting things done that will actually make a difference in people’s lives right now.

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Better Skills, Better Jobs

Every Michigander deserves a path to a high-wage skill, economic opportunity and an income that supports their family.

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Improve Education & Skills Training

Republicans in Lansing have sided with Betsy DeVos to push an education agenda that included slashing school funding.

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Fighting Urban Poverty

I am committed to bringing people together to build strong communities across the state, so we can build a better Michigan for everyone.

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Repeal The Retirement Tax

After a lifetime of hard work, we must honor the promises made to our seniors so that they can retire in dignity in the state that they love.

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Women’s Rights

When women thrive, we all thrive. Women of Michigan have been held back by an economy and a government that does not treat them as equals.

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Our Freedoms

We’ve got to show up for each other’s fights so that every Michigander has the same opportunities to be successful and we cannot stop until they do.

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Serving our Veterans

I have a long record fighting for Michigan’s men and women in uniform. I’ll hold government accountable for the lack of respect for our veterans.

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The Opioid Crisis

We cannot blame the victims of this disease. We must put aside partisan differences to confront this crisis head on.

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