Black Economic Alliance endorses Gretchen Whitmer for Governor

Group led by top Black business executives lauds Whitmer’s commitment to expanding opportunity for Black Michiganders

DETROIT — Today the Black Economic Alliance, a national political group led by top  Black business leaders and advocates focused on electing candidates who support economic policies that will improve outcomes for Black Americans, announced its’ support for Gretchen Whitmer for Governor.

“The Black Economic Alliance is a fantastic example of Americans trying to lift each other up, knowing that what’s best for working people is also good for our economy,” said Whitmer. “I’m deeply honored by this endorsement and looking forward to working with the Alliance to create opportunities for Michiganders to learn high-wage skills, support small business development, and ensure everyone can participate in the new economy.”

Whitmer has laid out an ambitious plan to promote economic stability and growth for all Michigan families with three pillar strategies to reboot the economy:

  1. High-wage skills training, including creating paths to high wage skills for every Michigander, debt-free two year college to make college more affordable for families, and expanding job opportunities for veterans across the state of Michigan.

  2. Closing the economic inequality gap by raising the minimum wage, providing important benefits like Paid Family Leave, and repealing Michigan’s Right to Work law.

  3. Making Michigan a place where people want to stay in and businesses want to move to by fixing the roads, reusing abandoned land, and promoting placemaking to create more vibrant communities that can attract the kind of talented workforce our businesses need to grow and create jobs.

“Former Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer has long been an advocate for the working families of Michigan — we know as Governor she will make it a priority to expand economic opportunity for the state’s Black community,” said Akunna Cook, Executive Director of the Black Economic Alliance.  “We look forward to working with Gretchen on policies that support minority-owned small businesses, help address educational disparities in Michigan, and create a better future for Black families across the state.”

The Black Economic Alliance is working primarily on highly competitive races in states and districts with a significant Black population where turnout among Black voters could be decisive.